Link Sanitizer

Simple URL and domain sanitizer for security analysts. This was made to help people quickly sanitize URLs and domains in text. Security analysts often have to send text containing malicious links to each other using different types of media. Some types of media will automatically turn links and domains into clickable objects. There is nothing that can ruin your day faster than clicking on a malicious link :(

It works by changing the following:

http: --> hxxp:
https: --> hxxps:
ftp: --> fxp:
mailto: --> mxxlto:

Domains are also sanitized by surrounding the '.' char before the tld in brackets --> hxxps://[.]com --> yahoo[.]com -->[.]tk --> malware-traffic-analyst[.]net

Every day at 6am UTC there is a script that updates tlds.js using the list of tlds from ICANN. This tld list is used to identify domains within the text.

Please direct any questions, comments, requests, and complaints to support at link-sanitizer dot com